15 years of industry experience

Benjamin Parks

Director of UX/Development and Creative Director with exceptional technical and creative aptitude to design and develop complete concepts. Proficient in managing a creative team and producing branding, creative and digital projects.

User Experience Director

Oversee UX and UI of digital applications.

Creative Director

Oversee branding, creative direciton and product launches.


Hands on design and development experience.

Director of Web Development

Oversee development projects of mobile and web applications.
Clients I've Worked With

UX, Development, Creative Direction

Boston College

Founded in 1863, Boston College is a private Jesuit university with a rich tradition. When they launched their first fully online program, I did the UX and Creative direction to help deliver their online program.

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UX, Development, Branding, Creative Direction

BBJ Linen

The nation’s foremost provider in linen rental and chargers, BBJ Linen provides artfully designed and curated linen collections for every occasion.

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